South Asian Journal of Development Research (SAJDR)


ISSN: 2706-8471 (Online)

ISSN: 2706-8463 (Print)

SJIF Impact Factor: 5.872 (click here)


The South Asian Journal of Development Research (SAJDR) is a multi-disciplinary journal publish a wide range of articles

  • Relevant to development policy, theory, and analysis
  • Any novel contribution in the field of development research
  • All critical tests on the basis of empirical works

SAJDR invites interdisciplinary articles or focuses on any particular disciplines for example sociology, economics, anthropology, geography, politics, rural development etc.

Author benefits

  • Rapid publication
  • Free colour
  • Rigorous and constructive peer review
  • Open Access! All papers will be published as Open Access
  •  Online first! Papers will appear online just after acceptance (within 3 to 5 days)
  • Continuous publication model, which allows immediate citation of articles
  • Author retention of copyright and liberal reuse rights via Creative Commons Attribution License (CC by 4.0)
  • Worldwide readership
  • High levels of author service and support
  • Media promotion of articles
  • High visibility! Papers will appear in different reputed databases
  •  Fast review! We aim to complete review within 2 weeks