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Academic Inn International (@iiis an open-access academic journals and books publisher covering a wide discipline in sciences, social sciences, business etc. @ii helps the researchers and scholarly communities. @ii aim to be one of the leading publishers in the scholarly publications. @ii always maintain the quality of the research articles. To maintain the quality AII always maintain the high standard of peer reviews with internationally recognized editors.

@ii is an open access journal publisher covering a wide range of academic disciplines. @ii is not only a publisher but also a hub for scientists. @ii creates a platform for the scientists to publish excellent resources.

Our Journals

We are committed to the effective and timely dissemination of high quality, peer-reviewed academic research.

What is the author’s right and what are our responsibilities?

As an author at @ii, your rights will be protected and ensured that any and all legal information and copyright regulations are addressed.

Peer Review

@ii Journals always maintain high quality and standard review of the article for publishing.

Global Distribution 

@ii ‘s marketing department always ensure the widest exposure of your article/s worldwide including social media and guarantee visibility without any costs.

High Quality and Rapid Production

@ii ensures high quality and rapid production worldwide.

Access and Archiving Policies

@ii journals indexed with international database and ensure free access to all both full text and PDF and always for free.